Summer Camps

Summer Discovery:

What is our 2-week Summer Camp about?


  • Research Report (NEW): 3-hour lecture on principles of physics taught by renowned instructors in North America + 5-hour model building in small groups + 3-hour English presentation with guidance + 2-hour research summary based on theory and practice. Students will be immersed in different learning and teaching methods to build practical skills for scientific learning, theory development and application, public speaking, and teamwork.
  • Reliable pre-program assessment (NEW): do you have the English skills required to succeed in your program? Do you have the required skills to live independently? Will you be able to handle the stress of studying abroad?
  • The unique learning experience: you will be accompanied by certified teachers in Ontario while learning about science, English, North American history, and world geography in the most authentic way!
  • Hands-on experience you’ve never had: The most advanced laboratories in North America combined with classroom learning, social research, and public speaking provide a unique interactive learning experience!
  • A whole new opportunity: You can build a robot for yourself in world’s top universities! We will take you on a tour to “the AI Lab” in University of Toronto, one of the most advanced labs of its kind, owned by world’s 15th best university.


Introduction to us

We is a full-time elite private high school certified by the Ontario Ministry of Education in Canada. Located in Toronto, we offer courses and curriculum from grade 9 to grade 12, Advanced Preparation courses, as well as English language training.

Our students thrive with the help of professional teaching staffs, exceptional course design, small-class environment, and 1-on-1 tutoring. Our guidance counselors are always there to ensure a safe and healthy environment with various extracurricular activities.

Rate of successful graduation and university application has been kept at 100% over the years, with 86.3% of students being admitted to world renowned universities!


Minimum Requirements to Join:

  1. Must be high school students between the age of 13 – 18
  2. Must have the ability to conduct conversations with basic English



1st Session: July

2nd Session: August


*at least 15 students per session.


*Note: We reserves the rights to adjust the itineraries, without reducing the visits to planned attractions, as deemed necessary, such as during strikes, wartime, and natural disasters; or when flight or VISA issuance is delayed or canceled. In those circumstances, students will be responsible for all excessive fees incurred, including but not limited to fees related to extending your stay, accommodations, meals, and transportation. 


Summer Discovery

14-Day Summer Camp Timeline

Day 1 Landing in the Toronto, the biggest city as well as the cultural-financial centre of Canada. Checking in local houses.
Day 2


Meet with school principal and teachers; do activities and learn about Canadian culture, geography, and history; introduction to itineraries

Learn about the course selection system in North America, study methods, course content, marking rubrics, and intro to university application.

Day 3


Join a class in Canada’s best university! Listen to a lecture given by professors in the University of Toronto!

A tour led by a senior student at University of Toronto

A senior student will inform you on the admission requirements of North American universities, how to prepare for high school courses, and how to excel in top universities!

Attend a lecture given by a professor in Engineering at University of Toronto to learn about world’s best engineering cases

A case study on world’s most advanced applications of engineering will immerse you in the eye-opening scholarly environment

A visit to Bloor Street, “the Wall Street of Canada” and the financial centre

A discovery trip in Toronto Downtown: climbing the CN Tower to view the city from above!

Day 4


Lectures and Classes with top rated professors in North America & Field Visits

Go back in time at the historic site of black creek pioneer village

The Black Creek Pioneer Village is an open-air heritage museum of 19th-century buildings, with real people dressed in the classic style of the time. The preserved buildings include farm houses, cottages, grain barns, wooden mills, shops, chapels, a school with a single classroom, township hall, the forge, the cellar, and the hotel.

A visit to York University

Day 5


ESL classes with top rated North American teachers; an introduction to Canadian geography, politics, and economics

A visit to the government of Ontario: learning about the structure of Canadian government at the federal, provincial and municipal levels by attending a mock debate in the Ontario provincial parliament.

Day 6


A Physics class led by top rated North American teachers           

A Biology class led by top rated North American teachers

A Chemistry class led by top rated North American teachers The purpose of these lessons is to teach you how to “approach learning and experiments with questions” by throwing some light on the scientific methods

Day 7


Ontario Science Centre Part 1. Physics

The Principle of Motion

How to build a vacuum cannon, how to quietly lie on a bed of nails, the “monkey and the hunter” experiment.  Students will participate directly to experience the transformation of kinetic energy.

Ontario Science Centre Part 2. Biology

The Fantastic World of Microorganisms

You will be entering a real lab of biotechnology to extract cells from a glowing jellyfish using the most advanced tools. What does the DNA of a strawberry look like? How to extract it?

Ontario Science Centre Part 3. Chemistry

Say NO to pollution! – Water Quality Monitoring and Experiment

You will be testing pollutant concentration and microbes, and participate in spectrophotometric experiments. You will also design and build an apparatus for clean water collection.

Day 8 A trip to Niagara Falls – one of the 8 wonders in the world.

Niagara Fall on the lake :one of the most beautiful towns in greater Toronto area. Find out what life is like in small towns of North America.

Day 9 A visit to the Yorkdale  Shopping Centre
Day 10 Classes led by top rated North American teachers

1)An intro to Data Management course

2)Workshop and Seminar

3)Proposal of a Research Project (recommended): What are the main factors affecting students’ mental/physical health and their success in study? What kinds of curriculum are most beneficial to students?

Day 11 Business classes led by top rated North American teachers:

1)Social Research: on-campus research

2)Result summary and data analysis

3)A Lesson on Research Presentation and Preparation

5)Reporting on your research results

Day 12 A Trusted Pre-Program Assessment for VISA Students:

1)One-on-one assessment of English skills with top rated North American teachers. This includes listening, speaking, reading and writing. The results report will show if the student will be able to fulfill the requirements to study in Canada, and will offer suggestions on learning methods and pursuit directions.

2)Do you have the acceptable independent living skills?

3)Do you have the psychological adjustability to handle the stress of studying abroad?

All participants will receive a free copy of English book and a reading list for your language level.

Day 13 Tree Top Trekking: a Canadian Outdoor Sport, ranging from 15-40 feet above the ground. You can explore on zip lines, Tarzan Swings, Balance Logs, and have unique North American experience with Hammock Net and Cable Traverses.

BBQ in a Canadian Farm:large-scale mowing machines, outdoor swings, basketball, and authentic grilled food…

Day 14 Depart at Toronto Pearson Airport