School Travel Plan

At Bright Future Academy, we are dedicated to raising future leaders with a global perspective. We chose and designed unique travel plans that would immerse students in nature, history, and local cultures to broaden their horizon.

Themed Tours:

– Arts and Language: Every tour has a theme, including arts, history, and food culture. On this themed journey, students will not only appreciate art pieces, but also explore the essence of cultural diversity and history. Students will converse with people with different ethnic backgrounds and make their own art piece.

– Exploring North America: on this journey, students will dive into the culture and nature of Canada and U.S. to experience Western and indigenous cultures.

– Historical Events: Students will visit the places where historical events happened, explore history, and experience the interaction between human and society. They will also attend historical ceremonies to obtain new perspectives on how the past has influenced the many generations after the event.

– Serve and Learn: on this journey, students will interact with local culture through community work and services. They will work in groups to solve real problems and develop original views on society.