After School Program

1) After School Training Class

After-school training is part of the learning process. We have multiple language teachers to ensure that students get the training practice they need in time through clear analysis and transition. The program is not only for those who have difficulties in their learning, but also students looking for an ideal learning environment to focus.

We assign a specific tutor to each student, who will keep contact during and after school hours. The experienced tutor will help the student with difficulties about course materials and provide supervision over homework. This unique one-on-one connection has received applause among numerous Elton parents and guardians.

– Helping students with language barriers complete their transition and understand the course content

– Answering course-related question from the student to help him grow

– Helping students keep good learning habits while resolving parents’ worries over students’ self-discipline

– Increasing students’ academic competitiveness  by cultivating interests and confidence


2) Pre-University Education

Students from Grade 11 and 12 have the opportunity to enroll in our pre-university education program. Our staffs with years of experience in preparing for university curriculum will go over advanced learning materials with our graduating students to ensure everyone is on track with their learning to excel in tests and exams. Students in the program regularly reach and exceed universities’ admission standards.

– Designing study plans for important courses in Grade 11 and 12

– Personalizing extra-curricular activities required for university admission

– Ensuring simultaneous improvement on ability and academic performance

– Reaching and exceeding the academic requirements of universities that the students have applied to

– One-on-one guidance on error-free university application