Online Courses

Online Program  

We have officially launched the online program, offering all mathematics courses including advanced function, calculus, and data management. Our teachers will be recording their lessons in class and upload their lectures, course requirements, documents, learning materials, assignments, marks and attendance to the online portal in real time. No matter where you are, or what device you are using, you can now log on to Classin to check and review lesson recordings and materials.

Using Classin has the following benefits:

– Stay connected: teachers can upload lessons, group status, personal information, feedbacks, and events online through the app.

– Manage tasks on the go: create a task, join discussion, answer a student’s question on the assignment, marking and feedbacks.

– Extend learning time: students can access online lessons, one-on-one tutorial, or work with other students in a group through the app.

– A powerful solution: teachers can design their course materials, evaluate students’ understanding and track the students’ progress.

– Students’ Performance Report: teachers will be able to derive better insights from students’ performance records online

– Interactive Communication: an interactive and intuitive user interface adds to the active social environment that encourages discussion and deepens understanding.

The following courses are now available on Schoology: MHF4U – Advanced Functions,SBI3U – 11 Biology,SBI4U – 12 Biology,SCH4U – 12 Chemistry

Students can access video lessons, course outlines online, and post questions for the teachers. We encourage everyone to register and give it a try!