Care & Guidance

Our Care & Guidance system offers multiple services to help international students complete their transition and adapt to the new environment:

– Pre-admission consultation, education plan, preparatory training

– Q&A with experienced VISA application specialists

– Free airport pickup service and accommodations

– “Peer Support system”: a senior student will show the new student around the campus and go through the relevant learning requirements

– Special care for students who are sick: we will accompany students to see the doctor and provide guardianship

– We purchase health insurance for each student and will provide clear instructions on how to claim

– Club activities to cultivate interests and spark creativity

– Help VISA students apply for extended stay, U.S. VISA, family visits.

– Set up parental bank account to manage students’ spending and keep records of important documentation on behalf of their parents

– Validate students’ flight tickets



– Our consultants will learn about the students and their needs, and then design a customized education plan

– Professional VISA specialists will assist parents in VISA application



– Free airport pickup service and accommodations

– A designated personnel will ensure students receive the accommodations they need for adapting to their life in Canada



– Students will come to the school to complete registration and sign up for health insurance

– Students will complete an entrance assessment and interview to clarify learning goals and requirements of Ontario


Study Plan:

– We customize study plans according to the needs of each student

– We design course timetable for students according to their educational goals


University Application:

– Our education and university application consultant will assist students in choosing their major and universities based on the unique strengths of each student

– We will provide step-by-step guidance during the process of error-free application


Communication with Parents:

– We keep our parents updated every month

– We ensures timely communication with parents and guardians on important school issues