Parents Communication Service

We provide barrier-free communication service for parents and guardians. Our teachers came from a diverse background and are able to help students from various countries overcome language and cultural barriers. We believe that quality education is a result of the mutual efforts by the school, parents and students. That’s why we always make sure that parents communicate with the school in a convenient way to receive updates on their sons and daughters about their study and life.

Every student is matched with a guidance teacher, responsible for reasonable arrangement of student’s life and study. Our guidance teacher will perform the following services:

– maintain timely communication with parents and guardians to ensure they are updated about their child in school

– ensure that students and parents are clear on the policies and processes imposed by the school

– assist the parents and guardians in translating school policies so as to ensure effective communication with teaching staffs and the principal

– Under special circumstances, the guidance teacher will contact the principal and teaching staffs to hold a conference over the phone or video chat.