Art Program

We in Canada provides an academic teaching model for students with artistic and musical expertise. On the basis of studying Bright Future Academy’s cultural courses, students receive specialized course training including Visual Arts, Animation Design, Music Theory, Western Music History, Ensemble, Chamber Music, etc. Famous teachers give lectures, and practical exercises ensure Bright Future Academy art graduates smoothly enter major art major institutions in Canada and the United States.


The perfect curriculum arrangement ensures candidates can smoothly enter the ideal universities.


  • Assist students to communicate with teachers of specialized small classes, and provide translation service in the early stage to ensure that students adapt to the teaching mode of North American art major
  • According to the characteristics of the students before the examination, the future plan will assist the students to choose the school and to complete the application process
  • Provide important application guidance such as preparation of university interview works, recording of tapes, etc.
  • Hold mock university interviews to guide students to adapt to the interview process and ensure the interview passes
  • Hold various concerts, exhibitions and performances to provide a platform for students to practice in actual combat