field trip to cedar glen

We believe that learning is not restricted to the classroom. That is why we have organized several field trips throughout the year for students to step out of the classroom and into nature!

Summer Camp at Cedar Glen

In the morning of September 16th, we set out for Cedar Glen in Ontario and began our two-day summer camp.

Cedar Glen is an outdoor activity centre located in the town of King, about 40 minutes’ drive from Toronto.

Smell of mud and rain shot through the air as we were ushered by the waves of green-fingered conifers into the woods ↓

Of course, for any adventurous souls, the wild nature is not only meant to be looked at but also to be conquered ↓

For others who prefer staying on the ground, archery is a good way to let the spirit fly like an arrow ↓

Meanwhile, let’s not forget about teamwork↓

Although fruits, salad, and bread were provided ↓

We still needed to learn to survive on our own: bonfire was built to set our singing ablaze ↓

When all came to an end, we said goodbye to summer with this frozen moment in time ↓