Guidance & Help

Our Guidance & Help team provides services to help international students smoothly adapt to the new environment:

– Pre-admission counselling, study plan, and language training

– VISA application specialists through all the process

– Airport pickup and home stay arrangements

– Peer Supporting where a senior student helps a new student

– Health care support where a guidance teacher helps students with their health care needs

– Health insurance arranged for every student

– Extracurricular activities to nurture interests and creativity



– Our guidance teachers will help with students’ needs, and discuss with their education plans accordingly

– Our VISA applications team will assist parents with their VISA application



– 24/7 airport pickup service and home stay arrangement

– Our student supporting team will help students adapting to their new life in Canada



– Students shall come to the school  in person for registration and  their health insurance documents

– Students shall complete entrance assessment to determine their learning goals


Study Plan:

– We help students to make their education plan according to their needs

– We plan course timetable for students according to their education plan


University or College Application:

– Our university application team will assist students with their major and universities according to their interests

– We will provide step-by-step guidance during the application


Communication with Parents:

– We keep our parents posted every week about the student’s performance

– We maintain a 24/7 hotline for helping parents and students